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Movement is one of the most important factors in a child’s life. These activities provide the children with a feeling of security and trust and help them to feel at home in the crèche. For this reason, physical care, respect for the need for sleep and rest and meals are of fundamental importance in the Child Care Company crèche.

Physical care activities:
To ensure that the child can develop a natural relationship to their bodies and its functions we would like to schedule sufficient time for those activities every day. Nappy-changing times will be adapted to the individual rhythm of each infant. Bathing in the element water is a further activity we do apply to foster development.

Need for sleep and rest:
Sufficient sleep is an important precondition as well as the satisfaction of the natural urge to move for a healthy development of the children. Nevertheless, the need for sleep varies from child to child, whereby age is only a very general indicator. The child should perceive sleeping as a pleasant and calming action. Every child has its personal place for sleeping or rest that can be equipped with personal belongings such as soother, teddy bear or doll in order to create a cosy atmosphere. Our professional child care workers will arrange an age equivalent rhythm for the daily routine of all of the children.